Council Information

AXLEY-BAUGH Distinguished Service Award:

This award is named after long-time Council members Hartman Axley and Darrell Baugh.  The recipient must satisfy at least four of the five following requirements: (1) must be a past member of the Board of Directors of the Council; (2) must be a long-term member of the Council  (10 years minimum); (3) must have practiced at least 15 years in the area of estate planning; (4) must have attained the age of 65; and (5) must have made a unique contribution to the field of estate planning.  The recipient is honored at the annual dinner, and upon receipt of the award, future dues to the Council are waived.

The following members have been awarded the Axley-Baugh Distinguished Service Award:

2019:  Herb McPherson, MBA

2018:  No recipient

2017:  Marilynne Tarrall, CPA/PFS, CFP

2014-2016:  No Recipient

2013:  Thomas L. Stover, JD

2012:  Russell Osgood, JD

2011:  Wayne Varra, CFP

2010:  Patricia Nielsen, CPA

2009:  No recipient

2008:  Lynn Kuykendall, JD

2007:  William "Bill" Hofgard, CLU

2006:  Hartman Axley, CLU  and Darrell Baugh, CLU

Our Sponsors:

The Council is grateful for the support of the following firms and banks since the Council's inception.  To be a sponsor, please visit our sponsor sales tab.

Council Sponsors:

2019:  Longmont Community Foundation / Midwest Trust, Platinum sponsors

2018:  Longmont Community Foundation / Midwest Trust, Platinum sponsors; Gold sponsors Gibraltar Business Valuation / Perry & Roane; Flewelling & Mitton, Webinar sponsor

Annual Dinner Sponsors:

2018:  Longmont Community Foundation / Midwest Trust

2017:  Colorado State Bank and Trust

2016:  First Western Trust, Boulder

2015:  Bank of the West

2014:  Colorado State Bank and Trust

2013:  US Bank

2012:  Colorado State Bank and Trust

2011:  Investors Independent Trust Company

2009:  Stover & Spitz, LLC

2008:  American National Bank

2007:  Hofgard and Company, Inc.

Website Sponsors:

2017:  Gibraltar Business Appraisals, Inc.

2016:  Gibraltar Business Appraisals, Inc.

2015:  Gibraltar Business Appraisals, Inc.

2014:  Gibraltar Business Appraisals, Inc.

2013:  Colorado State Bank & Trust