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Boulder Country Club Directions 10/20/2016

Application for Membership

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Application for Membership 12/19/2012

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Guest Policy 12/22/2015

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LTC Planning handout 05/15/2017
Handout - Valuation, Family Enterprise & Working With Appraisers 03/14/2017
Down & Dirty - A Non-Comprehensive List of (oh-so-easy) Ways to Sabotage an Estate Plan 01/11/2017
Lifelong Planning - Special Need Trusts 09/19/2016
Spitz, Jennifer Ten Planning Tips & Traps for Out-of-State Property 07/22/2016

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Overview of 7-11-17 Presentation w Bio 05/12/2017
Anderson Bio 3-14-17 03/14/2017